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The High Torque Auger Power Head is designed specifically to power up to 30" auger bits in tough soil conditions, making it an excellent tool for digging holes for trees, footings, irrigation valve boxes, poles, fence posts and more

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Little Beaver "Towable" hydraulic earth drills offer forward and reverse auger rotation along with easy counter balance operation. The 3-point towbar connects with a single pin that allows easy connection and removal. Can be easily manuvered around any job site and can handle up to a 12" diameter auger. Also known as a tow-behind or teater tauter type drill

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Little Beaver 5.5hp mechanical earth drills with their torque-free design can easily dig up to a 12"diameter hole for fences, decks, signs, or mail boxes. Also known as a post hole digger, earth drill or power auger. It can easily be loaded into a car trunk or SUV. Horizontal boring attachments are also available

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